LEMA – Local Element Media Accelerator

YES, LEMA is here. It started off as a question that turned into a thought which quickly turned into a passionate drive.

Our founder, Sam Gaw, pulled together a team of founders, co-founders, expert start-up individuals, and a few leading marketing people around the nation to start the conversation. We started out by thinking of 10 ideas in a speed round of potential start-ups. Over a 24 hour period, we quickly lifted two out and ran with them. Three weeks later we launched the first idea with major success and then followed it up with another a couple of weeks later. We knew that we had a great blend of people.

The next venture that we brought in during our BETA phase was a real estate predictive-analytical company, HomePlotter.com. Within a month, we pulled together a team to build out the database, trip-wires, marketing, and algorithm to predict who might be selling their house in Orange County, FL within 60 to 90 days. After a few tweaks, we found it to be 67% accurate within that 60 to 90 day period. The goal is 80% before launching it fully but we are using a team of real estate agents around Orlando to better build out the scripts to use and how to best approach someone when they get ready to sell their home.

We are quickly moving out of our own BETA phase and into full accelerator mode. Our first full company to be in the accelerator program will be announced in April 2018. This company has quickly pulled together a great team, an amazing roadmap, and the potential of being huge. We are proud to have them with us and we know that 2018 will be a great year for them!

Instagram Changes Effecting Real Estate Agents

4 Ways Instagram Changes Will Impact Real Estate Agents

4 Ways Instagram Changes Will Impact Real Estate Agents

Last week Instagram announced that it will change how it’s feed will show your posts. It will be more like it’s big brother (Facebook) using an algorithm based feed.

Who cares? First brands will care along with all of the real estate agents and brokers will care…or at least they should care.

What does that mean? That means that instead of seeing posts as they happen, Instagram will start showing you what you care most for. Just like Facebook, Instagram will now start knowing what you like and who you mostly follow and will show you those first and maybe never show you the least.

It seems like a logical step to deal with the Instagram’s growth, but as a marketer, you shouldn’t be happy. There are already almost 200,000 signatures on Change.org petition to “Keep Instagram Chronological.” Check out Change.org petition Why? People know this will mean that small businesses and artists will be effected by the change.

How do you keep it from effecting you? Now, more than ever you, will need a social media manager to help you pick your posts, gain followers, engage your customers, and create leads for you. No more just sticking pictures up on Instagram and hoping for the best. It will need to be targeted, engaging, and, yes, cost money. You will need to advertise just like on Facebook.
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Orlando Web Design

New Website – Details for Construction

Our newest website design is for Details for Construction: http://www.detailsforconstruction.com. Details for Construction is a local Orlando construction company that does remodeling, home renovation, and design.

Local Element Media’s Work on this project:

  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Adwords
  • Logo / Branding
  • Video
  • Trade-show booth design including banner, videos, and postcards
Open House High Tech Orlando

High Tech Open House – Live iPad Tours

Come out today, Saturday 3/28/15, to Arden Park by Standard Pacific Homes in Ocoee to check out 11 ready to move in spec homes during a neighborhood-wide open house.  There are 4 estate homes from 4,600 sq ft to 5,600 sq ft and 7 classic homes from 2,800 sq ft to 3,800 sq ft plus their 5 decorated models.  This open house is presented by Nicole Mickle of Olde Town Brokers.

Here is where Local Element Media comes into play.  Not only will Nicole have all the homes open for you to walk through and fall in love with, BUT LEM will be there helping provide out-of-towners a live iPad Open House walk through.  We have set up a way for individuals not in the same state or country a way to be able to walk through their home of choice and have Nicole, or one of her associates, tell about the features.

We schedule in 15 minute intervals from noon to 4pm EST today.  As of this morning only 8 of the available 16 appointment times are remaining.  Which means 8 real-time live open house tours will occur this afternoon.

This is just the beginning.  Local Element Media hasn’t officially even opened yet but we didn’t want to miss this opportunity to help Nicole and to show off LEM‘s social media and tech talent.

Check the live iPad tour signup here: http://www.meetme.so/LocalElementMedia .

Come out and see the neighborhood or set up a live iPad tour.

OPEN HOUSE ADDRESS (click for Google Map link):
1410 Arden Oaks Drive
Ocoee, FL 34761

Orlando Real Estate Marketing

Grand Opening

Our first day is set for April 2, 2015.  This has been a long time coming but it has been worth the wait.  We are all busy working on our first few products that we will release in April and May.  It is a very exciting time around here.

Local Element Media is part start-up and part real estate technology and marketing company. We are experts from many different fields that came together to help real estate agents build their business and customers take control of the largest purchase of their life.

Local Element Media is based in Winter Garden, FL in Orange County just outside of Orlando and just north of Walt Disney World in Central Florida. This is a central location to locate our headquarters so we can easily touch almost all of Florida within a few hours.

Stay tuned as we open, start consulting, and releasing our lead generating products.