Instagram Changes Effecting Real Estate Agents

4 Ways Instagram Changes Will Impact Real Estate Agents

4 Ways Instagram Changes Will Impact Real Estate Agents

Last week Instagram announced that it will change how it’s feed will show your posts. It will be more like it’s big brother (Facebook) using an algorithm based feed.

Who cares? First brands will care along with all of the real estate agents and brokers will care…or at least they should care.

What does that mean? That means that instead of seeing posts as they happen, Instagram will start showing you what you care most for. Just like Facebook, Instagram will now start knowing what you like and who you mostly follow and will show you those first and maybe never show you the least.

It seems like a logical step to deal with the Instagram’s growth, but as a marketer, you shouldn’t be happy. There are already almost 200,000 signatures on petition to “Keep Instagram Chronological.” Check out petition Why? People know this will mean that small businesses and artists will be effected by the change.

How do you keep it from effecting you? Now, more than ever you, will need a social media manager to help you pick your posts, gain followers, engage your customers, and create leads for you. No more just sticking pictures up on Instagram and hoping for the best. It will need to be targeted, engaging, and, yes, cost money. You will need to advertise just like on Facebook.
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