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Local Element Media is a Digital Marketing company based in Orlando who helps real estate agents and real estate brokers with all their digital marketing needs.

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  • Headquartered in Orlando, Florida

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This is one of our latest creations for Nicole Mickle in Orlando, FL.  Check it out:

Web Development

We've said it before and we will say it again, any FOOL can make you a website!! But, you run a business and this is one of the most important parts of your brand. Your website represents your digital presence. If it sucks then you suck. We do more than just build website, we build your presence, connect your social media, and help you make more money!! Cost: varies from $2500 to $25,000 and monthly from $50/mo to $250/mo.

Digital Advertising

This is what separates the pros from the wannabes and what could separate you from your hard-earned money if you don't watch it.

Whether you are talking Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Pinterest...Local Element Media can help you reach your target market and give you that...local element!

Marketing Automation

This isn't social media automation. That's becoming a curse word in our industry and one of the many reasons we don't touch your social media. We train you to do it and we will advertise for you.

Marketing Automation is when you bring in your email, your website, and your database together to keep in front of your past clients and help you automatically stay in front of leads so you can do what you do best!

Lead Generation

This is what business is all about! We can help you create a plan to take over your farming area OR an entire city! We can build out multiple websites, build out a predictive seller database, create a digital and traditional marketing plan that works together, or even help you do this to your past clients.

We can help you build your brand!

A few things outside of the box things that we have done: 
  • Create multiple lead generation websites in your area & attach to your CRM
  • Multiple Facebook pages in different sections of your area.
  • Build an Back Office web app for your brokerage
  • Create brand new marketing materials including listing presentations
  • No video production too large!  Don’t believe us? Check out our trailer!

A few things we really don’t do: 

  • Your Social Media – we can train you how to do it but it really is all about social media advertising
  • Answer Your Phones
  • Work on commission. You have your business & we have ours

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