Lead-Generation Tools

Lead generation is all about building ROI. We use a strategic and innovative process that delivers unparalleled results. Local Element Media knows there is NO “one size fits all” approach.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective tools but also the easiest to mess up. Local Element Media helps you take the guessing game out of this tool so you can stay in front of your clients.

Exact Targeting

We didn’t name our company Local Element Media for nothing. We can target people on social media by interest, likes/dislikes, and even down to their neighborhood. No more guessing.

NEW Digital Marketing in Real Estate Certification

Quick Video

We are great at what we do

Local Element Media creates superior media with a local element. We use our years of design experience to highlight our customer’s strengths and expertise by building products, branding, campaigns and websites. We use these elements to help with lead generation, customer acquisition, and building businesses while streamlining the process into one simple solution.

We are experts in SEO, web design, social media, web development, marketing and videography. Our people have worked with some of the oldest and respected marketing & PR firms, been producers & directors for TV shows and movies, sold internet companies, built web apps for the 2nd largest life insurance company, and have been executives in the banking world.

Local Element Media also builds real estate products, software, and applications direct to consumer. We are aggressively marketing to the Central Florida and Orlando real estate market because our headquarters is located in Orlando.

Lack Real Estate Leads? Let us help target your current leads with some email marketing tricks. Need help getting leads? We have real estate websites that generate leads or we can build you one.

We would love to put our years of success to work for you. Contact us…We will help you serve your customers better and make more money too!

Core Services

  • Lead Generation

    Lead generation is all about building ROI. We use a strategic and innovative process that delivers unparalleled results. Local Element Media knows there is no “one size fits all” approach. We use all of today’s methods to help our clients develop custom programs that attract qualified leads.

  • Social Media

    Local Element Media works with our clients to develop unique social strategies to achieve the greatest outreach. Whether you are just getting started or need better results from your current campaigns, LEM can help. Our team’s centralized focus is on creating more awareness of your brand by using all current Social Media outlets to their maximum potential.

  • Web Design / Development

    LEM uses the latest technologies to provide our customers with responsive websites. A responsive website adjusts based on the device being used to view it. Your customer can use their desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android or other device and see a seamless website.

  • Video

    Small businesses that fail to include video in their internet marketing strategies are missing a key ingredient. When it comes to potential reach, video is peerless. YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month and you want to capture some of that exposure! Video, done well, can increase your client base and brand recognition in a fun and exciting way. Let Local Element Media tell your story with a video created just for you!

  • Branding

    Your brand is your first impression. Potential clients will use your brand to determine their interest in your services. Local Element Media completely understands this and strives to create a unique and distinct brand for each of our clients. We collaborate to develop brand and position strategies to help you stand apart from your competition.

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We hate to brag but you leave us no choice

You made us show off to prove we know what we are doing. Let us customize a solution for you or we can build from scratch.

Content Marketing

We can help build you a wonderful content marketing campaign to get you in front of more potential customers.


Get in front of people searching for what you offer! Get warm to hot leads inexpensively when placed correctly.

Custom Development

Want an app, landing pages, new marketing programs, or custom web development? We can help!!


Allow us to come in and train your agents in social media, marketing, lead generation, and more.

Contact us with your questions and see how we can put the Local Element into your next big move.